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Paracelsus: Opus chyrurgicum, ed. by Adam von Bodenstein. Frankfurt am Main: Martin Lechler for Sigmund Feyerabend and Simon Hüter, 1566.
Sudhoff, Bibliographia Paracelsica, 124-125, n° 81 (Google Books). — VD16 P 462. — USTC 679860. —
2°: [xxvii], [1 blank], CCCCCCCVI [=706], [1], [1 blank] pages. — Signatures: a6 b8 B–Z6 Aa–Zz6 Aaa–Nnn6 Ooo8 = 370 fols. (740 pages).
Main Language: German.


ID: BP081
Author: Paracelsus
Title: Opus chyrurgicum
Printer: Frankfurt am Main: Martin Lechler
Publisher: Frankfurt am Main: Sigmund Feyerabend and Simon Hüter
Year: 1566
Editor: Adam von Bodenstein
Main Language: German
Quote as:
Signatures (Autopsy): a6 b8 B-Z6 Aa-Zz6 Aaa-Nnn6 Ooo8 = 370 fols. (740 pages)
Pagination (Autopsy): pp. [xxvii], [1 blank], CCCCCCCVI [=706], [1], [1 blank]
Sudhoff, Bibl. Parac.: pp. 124-125, n° 81 (Google Books)
VD16: VD16 P 462
USTC: 679860
Digital copy: Google Books (2fBbAAAAcAAJ)
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