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Bernhardus Innovatus Das ist/ [...] Chemische Schrifften, ed. by Caspar Horn. Nürnberg: Wolfgang Endter, no date [1643].
8°. Signatures: a–g8 A–Z8 Aa–Oo8 Pp4 = 356 fols. (712 pages) (autopsy).
[cviii], [4 blank], 600 pages (autopsy).
Main Language: German. — — Original editor: Joachim Tancke.
Editor: Caspar Horn
Original Editor: Joachim Tancke
Publisher: Wolfgang Endter
sig. a1r
Title page

sig. a1v
Blank page

sig. a2r–f7v [92 pages]
Dedication by Caspar Horn, addressed to Augustus, Prince of Anhalt-Plötzkau; German
Nürnberg, 1 March 1643
Running title: Dedicatio.

sig. f8r–g6v [14 pages]
Preface by Caspar Horn, addressed to the Reader; German
Running title: Vorredean den Leser.

sig. g7r–g8v
Blank pages

sig. A1r–O4r ‖ p. 1–215 [215 pages]
‘Von der hermetischen Philosophia’, by Bernardus Trevisanus; German

sig. A1r–A2r ‖ p. 1–3 [3 pages]
Dedication by Bernardus Trevisanus, addressed to Thomas de Bononia
Running title: Dedication-SchreibenGrafen Bernhardi.

sig. A2v–A4v ‖ p. 4–8 [5 pages]
Preface by Bernardus Trevisanus, addressed to the Reader
Running title: Vorrede Bernhardi/an alle der waaren Kunst Liebhaber.

sig. A5r–C7v ‖ p. 9–46 [38 pages]
Running title: VorredeBernhardi.

sig. O4v
Blank page

sig. O5r–X4v ‖ p. 217–328 [112 pages]
‘Ausführliches Sendschreiben vom Stein der Weisen’, by Bernardus Trevisanus; German

sig. O5r
Secondary title page

sig. O5v
Blank page


sig. O6r
Intermediate title page

sig. O6v
Table of contents

sig. X6r–Dd3v ‖ p. 331–422 [92 pages]
‘Von der Bereitung des philosophischen Steins’, by Anonymous; German
Running title: Erklärung ‖ des 4. Theils Bernhardi
Dialogue between Albertus and Georgus

sig. Dd4r–Ee5v ‖ p. 423–443
‘Auslegung des philosophischen Fontinleins’, by Albertus Beyer; German
Running title: Expositio ‖ Lib. 4. Bernhardi

sig. Dd4r
Intermediate title page

sig. Dd4v
Blank page

sig. Ee5v–Ff3r ‖ p. 443–453
‘Von den zwei Blümlein’, by Anonymous; German

sig. Ff3v
Notice by [Joachim Tancke], addressed to Reader

sig. Ff4r–Ff7r ‖ p. 455–461
‘Liber quartus’, by Bernardus Trevisanus; German
Running title: Vierdter Theil ‖ Bernhardi.

sig. Ff7v–Gg5v ‖ p. 462–474
Letter by Gallus Etschenreuter, addressed to Guglielmo Gratarolo; German
Sélestat, 16 August 1567
Running title: SendbriefGalli Etschenreuters.

sig. Gg6r–Ji2v ‖ p. 475–500 [26 pages]
‘Dicta Alani’, by Anonymous; German
Running title: Dicta ‖ Alani.

sig. Gg6r
Intermediate title page

sig. Gg6v
Blank page

sig. Ji2v
Epitaph of Alanus

sig. Ji3r–Pp4v ‖ p. 501–600 [100 pages]
‘Von der Geburt und Generation der Metalle’, by Anonymous; German
Running title: Metallurgia.

sig. Ji3r
Intermediate title page

sig. Ji3v
Blank page

sig. Ji4r–Ji4v [2 pages]
Notice by Joachim Tancke; German
Leipzig, 20 July 1605

sig. Pp4v