Bibliographia Paracelsica/BP.Tancke.1610-03

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Johann Angelius Werdenhagen: Κωλύτης [Kolytes] funebris, In memoriam Joachimi Tanckii. Altenburg, no printer, 1610.
4°. Signatures: A–F4 G2 = 26 fols. (52 pages) (autopsy).
No pagination. [52] pages (autopsy). —
Main Language: Latin. —

Digital copy (Libraries)
Erlangen, University Library

sig. A1r
Title page

sig. A1v–A2r [2 pages]
‘Επικοσίχος. de obitu clarissimi Ioachimi Tanckii Medici’, Poem, 35 verses by Wolf Gebhard zu Warberge; Latin

sig. A2v–A4r [4 pages]
Dedication by Johann Angelius Werdenhagen, addressed to Martin Ruland the Younger; Latin

sig. A4v
‘Epigramma, De Vindicijs Iohannis Angelii VVerdenhagen’, Poem, 12 verses by Caspar Facius; Latin

sig. B1r–G1r [41 pages]
‘Κωλύτης funebris’, by Johann Angelius Werdenhagen; Latin

sig. G1v–G2v [3 pages]
‘Elegia’, Poem, 64 verses by Theodor Sitzmann, addressed to Nicolaus Maius; Latin