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Martin Ruland the Younger: Lapidis philosophici vera conficiendi ratio. Frankfurt am Main: Zacharias Palthenius, 1606.
8°. Signatures: AA–KK8 LL4 = 84 fols. (168 pages) (autopsy).
165, [1], [2 blank] pages (autopsy).
Main Language: Latin. —
Byline (author): opera Martini Rulandi Philosoph. & Med. D.
Probably part of: Martin Ruland, Progymnasmata Alchemiae (1607)
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sig. AA1r
Title page
Printer’s mark on title page

sig. AA1v
Blank page

sig. AA2r–AA4v ‖ p. 3–8 [6 pages]
Dedication by Martin Ruland the Younger, addressed to Ferdinand Khuen von Belasy; Latin
Regensburg, 16 January 1606

sig. AA5r–FF3r ‖ p. 9–85
‘Diaskepsis lapidis philosophici nova’, ; Latin
Published with some differences in 1572 in Auriferae artis..., 614-672 as Liber de arte chimica incerti Authoris'

sig. FF3v–KK3r ‖ p. 86–149
‘De lapide philosophico’, by Anonymous [Michael Sendivogius]; Latin
Title: Tractatus alter de lapide philosophico anonymi cuiusdam, lapidis Philosoph. possessoris

sig. KK3r–KK5r ‖ p. 149–153
‘Aenigma Philosophicum’, by Anonymous [Michael Sendivogius]; Latin
Title: Eiusdem auctoris ad filios veritatis Aenigma Philosophicum

sig. KK5r–LL3r ‖ p. 153–165
‘Parabola’, by Anonymous [Michael Sendivogius]; Latin
Title: Sequitur parabola seu aenigma philosophicum, coronidis & superadditamenti loco adiunctum

sig. LL3r
Title: Hiobi 28

sig. LL3v
Printer’s mark

sig. LL4r–LL4v [2 pages]
2 blank pages