Beschreibung des wunderbaren Bechers

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
I. Basic information

Printing History, Manuscripts. Not printed. One manuscript, written ca. 1635. The full title is, according to Sudhoff: “Beschreibung des wunderbahren bächers, dessen im Ersten buch Moyse am 44. […] gedacht würde. Samb einem gantzen Cabalistischen Ordinadt, darzugehörig, vnd wie man denselbigen brauchen soll Auß Herrn Theoph: Paracelsi eigenen Hand Schrifft.”

Editions. Not edited by Huser or Sudhoff.

Relationship between different versions. Only one known version.

Structure, genre/form, perspective, style.

Relationship to other texts.

Authenticity, authorship. Allegedly from an autograph of Paracelsus. On a magical cup that is said to be in the possession of Johannes Montanus the Younger at Strigau. With a drawing of the cup.

Time of writing. Probably written in the beginning of the 17th century. Further study required.

II. Sources


  • Kopenhagen, Det Kongelige Bibliotek: GKS 259 folio, 229–234

First printed: not printed

III. Bibliography

Essential bibliography: Sudhoff, Paracelsus-Handschriften, 668–669.

Further bibliographical references:

Peuckert, Pansophie (1956), 476.