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from: Cornelis Drebbel, Tractatus duo, ed. Joachim Morsius, Hamburg: Heinrich Carstens, 1621
Lauremberg extends his utmost greetings to Schumacher, drawing a parallel between the circulation of specially minted coins and the dissemination of scholarly pamphlets for the public good. He critiques a German translation of Cornelius Drebbel's work on the Elements for its inadequacies but commends the original for its profound insights into both Chemistry and Aristotelian philosophy. Lauremberg highlights Drebbel's achievement in aligning his findings with classical philosophy through his own intellectual rigor, contrasting this with the failures of many who rely heavily on existing literature. He offers his own contributions to Schumacher, recalling a shared moment of public service in Rostock that left a lasting impression of friendship and respect on him. Laurembergius expresses a desire to maintain this bond for as long as possible and concludes by affirming his wish to remain in Schumacher's circle of friends.

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