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from: Thomas Erastus, Comitis Montani ... quinque librorum de Morbis nuper editorum viva anatome, Basel: Pietro Perna, 1581
In the two poems, Paul Kober praises Thomas Erastus for his wisdom and balanced judgment, likening him to the gold standard of Athenian intellect. Erastus is depicted as someone who possesses a true and straight measure, a metaphor for his clear and unbiased thinking. In contrast, an unnamed individual is criticized for using a counterfeit standard, implying a flawed or biased perspective. This person is described as isolated and misguided, likely to realize their solitude due to their flawed judgments. The second poem continues this theme, with Erastus praised for his method of weighing matters accurately. The critic, however, is portrayed as hasty and lacking understanding, quick to judge without proper insight or proportion.


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