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Source: Nicolaus Solea, Ein Büchlein von dem Bergwergk, ed. Elias Montanus, Zerbst, no printer [Johann Schleer], 1600, sig. Z3v–Z4r = pag. 172–173 [BP.Alchemica.1600-01]
Hartig emphasizes the vastness of the world's wonders and the hidden mysteries of nature, particularly those beneath the Earth's surface, such as minerals and metals. Soleas, driven by his passion, delves deep into the Earth with his staff, exploring mines and the laborious processes of excavation to uncover nature's gifts. The text highlights Soleas's dedication to his study, his significant advancements in understanding the natural world, and his contributions to metallurgy. It raises philosophical and practical questions about the Earth's resources, how metals are formed, and the processes behind their transformation, reflecting on the knowledge lost or yet undiscovered from ancient times to their own. The author lauds Soleas for his unique insights and achievements in metallurgy, suggesting that his work offers more profound knowledge and understanding of the Earth's secrets, appealing to the reader's curiosity and the desire for wisdom.

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