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from: Guglielmo Grataroli, Prognostica naturalia, De temporum mutatione, Basel: Jacob Kündig
The printer reflects on the prevalent desire for deception in their time, highlighted by the adage "The world wants to be deceived." He critiques the era's curiosity and the misleading predictions made by astrologers, which distract the wealthy from more virtuous pursuits like charity. In his contemplation, Kündig/Parcus considers the suppression or condemnation of such frivolous astrological publications that are often preferred over more valuable texts. Amidst these reflections, he mentions the learned Gratarolus, who is well-versed in both theology and medicine, and has offered his comprehensive work, "Natural Prediction," for publication. Recognizing the similarity of Gratarolus's work to the issues he's been pondering, Parcus decides to publish it under Tornondo's distinguished name as a gesture of appreciation for their shared hospitality.

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