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The author expresses gratitude for received correspondence and documents from the recipient's library. The letter addresses a query regarding the Rosicrucian Brotherhood (FRC), emphasizing the sensitive nature of the topic. The author suggests that even if he had definitive information about the Brotherhood, it would be inappropriate to share due to ethical considerations. He defends the Rosicrucians against accusations of heresy and devilry, arguing that their public writings and confessions align with mainstream Christian doctrine as practiced in contemporary schools and churches. He cites the Rosicrucians' own words, emphasizing their devotion to Jesus Christ and rejection of other religious beliefs. Additionally, he refers to their moral and spiritual guidelines, which advocate for piety, discipline, and humility, further countering claims of heretical beliefs. The letter also touches on theological controversies, particularly the Rosicrucians' belief in the possibility of regaining man's prelapsarian state. The author argues that this belief, if understood in a certain context, does not warrant condemnation. He concludes by encouraging the recipient to use these arguments to defend the Rosicrucians against detractors, maintaining the importance of protecting their innocence.

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