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  Authentic works
— Prodigia
Title: De meteoris ein Buch (1047)
Quote as:

ID: H08.177 (1047)
Title: Liber meteororum (LM)
Titles used by Huser
Table of Contents: De Meteoris Ein Buch/ in zehen Capita abgetheilet
Edition: Liber meteororvm Philippi Theophrasti Paracelsi, Philosophi & Medici excellentiss.
Column Title: Deß Buchs MeteororvmDas Erst (Ander, Dritte, ...) Capitel
Titles used by Sudhoff
Bibliographia Paracelsica:
Verzeichnis in vol. XIV:
Table of Contents:
Sudhoff, BP:
Sudhoff, PH:
Google Books: GBS
Huser's source: Auß Theophrasti eigener Handschrifft
Printed before Huser:
Printed after Huser:
Huser's Quarto Edition: 8, 177-249
Sudhoff's Edition: