Notice, no date (1570), Michael Toxites to the Reader (BP120)

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Author: Michael Toxites
Recipient: Reader
Type: Notice
Date: 1570
Pages: 1
Language: German
Quote as:
Editor: Edited by Julian Paulus
Paracelsus, Ettliche Tractatus, ed. Michael Toxites, Straßburg: Christian Müller (Erben) 1570, 1, p. 285 [BP120]
Translation: Raw translation see below
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Zum Leser.

Gvnstiger Leser/ diese zwen tractat vom Terpentin vnd Honig seindt Defect/ Dann Theophrastus zůbald das er sie nit hat können auß machen/ gestorben/ Wie im Original vnnd auch in außtheylung des Honigs warzůnemmen. Vnd nimb hiemit vergůt.

English Raw Translation

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To the reader:

Dear reader, these two treatises on turpentine and honey are defective, as Theophrastus died before he could complete them, as is evident in the original text and also in the treatment of honey. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience.