Dedication, no date (1603), Zacharias Palthenius to Karl von Liechtenstein

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Author: Zacharias Palthenius
Recipient: Karl von Liechtenstein
Type: Dedication
Date: Expression error: Unrecognized word "no".
Place: Frankfurt am Main
Pages: 1
Language: Latin
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Editor: Edited by Julian Paulus
Source: Paracelsus, Operum medico-chimicorum sive paradoxorum tomus genuinus secundus, Frankfurt am Main: Zacharias Palthenius 1603, p. [III]
CP: Not in Kühlmann/Telle, Corpus Paracelsisticum
Translation: Raw translation see below
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Jllvstri et Generoso Domino, Domino Carolo Baroni a Liechtenstein & Nicolsburg, Domino Velspergi & Eisgrubae. Sac[rae] Caesar[eae] Maiestati a consiliis intimis, Domino & Maecenati suo Hanc secundam partem Operum Theophrastaeorum per suas Musas conuersorum. L[ibens] M[erito]Q[ue] Consecro, Dedico

Zacharias Palthenius D[octor].

English Raw Translation

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To the illustrious and generous Lord, Lord Charles, Baron of Liechtenstein & Nicolsburg, Lord of Velsperg & Eisgrubae. A most intimate counselor of the Holy Roman Empire, and his patron. I dedicate this second part of Theophrastus's works, which have been turned into verse by his muses, with pleasure and deservingly, to His Imperial Majesty.

Zacharias Palthenius, Doctor.