Dedication, no date (1603), Zacharias Palthenius to Franz Gansneb Tengnagel

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Author: Zacharias Palthenius
Recipient: Franz Gansneb Tengnagel
Type: Dedication
Date: no date (1603)
Place: Frankfurt am Main
Pages: 1
Language: Latin
Editor: Edited by Julian Paulus
Source: Paracelsus, Operum medico-chimicorum sive paradoxorum tomus genuinus quintus, Frankfurt am Main: Zacharias Palthenius 1603, f. )(2r
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CP: Not in Kühlmann/Telle, Corpus Paracelsisticum
Translation: Raw translation see below
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Natalivm Splendore Generis Nobilitate, Rara Solidae Ervditionis Lavde Armorvmqve Insigniis, Præclarissimo Viro, Domino Francisco Gansneb Tengnagel, Caesar[eae] Maiest[atis] Consiliario Avlico, Moecenati et Patrono Svo Plvrimvm Colendo. Hunc Quintum Tomum Theophrastaeorum Operum suas Musas conuersorum, Ad animi beniuoli promtam significationem, Consecro, Dedico.

Zacharias Palthenius I[uris] V[triusque] D[octor] Civis Francofurtensis.

English Raw Translation

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With the splendor of his birth, the nobility of his lineage, and the rare and solid reputation of his erudition and distinguished military honors, to the most illustrious man, Lord Francis Gansneb Tengnagel, Imperial Counselor and devoted patron and supporter. I dedicate and present this fifth volume of the works of Theophrastus, converted through his own muses, as a ready expression of my good will.

Zacharias Palthenius, Doctor of Both Laws and Citizen of Frankfurt.