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  • curprev 19:31, 6 July 2022JP talk contribs 3,690 bytes +3,690 Created page with "{{Heading|level=1|align=left|family=serif|bold=0|text=<i>also:</i> </br>Liber de fundamento scientiarum sapientiaeque</br>Vom Fundament der Weißheit und Künsten</br>Fundamenta scientiarum et sapientiae</br>Buch beider menschlicher Weisheit</br>Von Weisheit beider Seelen und Leibs}} {{Heading|level=3|align=left|before=1|family=serif|bold=0|text=I. Basic information}} <b>Printing History, Manuscripts.</b> First edited by Adam von Bodenstein in 1565. <b>Editions.</b> N..."