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  • curprev 11:04, 7 July 2022JP talk contribs 1,150 bytes +1,150 Created page with "{{Heading|level=3|align=left|before=1|family=serif|bold=0|text=I. Basic information}} 16 verses, ca. 100 words First printed in 1639, not attributed to Paracelsus. Later (in 1749) said to have been inscribed by Paracelsus himself on the wall of an old mine near Gastein to mark the place where a red substance is to be found. Modern edition by Joachim Telle in <i>Paracelsus im Gedicht</i>. <b>First printed:</b> * <b>1639</b> (Johannes Agricola, <i>Ander Theil Commentar..."