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Andreas Libavius: Syrraxis metallike prote in qua agitur de definitione, causis et adiunctis metallorum fere communibus, respondent: Martin Ruland the Younger. Jena: Tobias Steinmann, no date [1591].
VD16 ZV 9630. — USTC: 695704. —
4°. Signatures: A–D4 E2 = 18 fols. (36 pages) (autopsy).
No pagination. [36] pages (autopsy). —
Main Language: Latin. —
Byline (author): Praeside Andrea Libavio D. Med. Poëta & Professore
Byline (respondent): Respondente Martino Martini Rulandi Medici F.
Byline (respondent): Respondente Martino Martini Rulandi Medici F.

Digital copy (Libraries)
Leipzig, University Library

sig. A1r
Title page

sig. A1v
Dedication by Andreas Libavius, addressed to Martin Ruland the Elder; Caspar Steinbach; Latin

sig. A2r–E2v [34 pages]
‘De metallis themata’, by Andreas Libavius; Latin