Notice, no date (1566/67), Jacques Gohory to the Reader (BP089)

From Theatrum Paracelsicum
Author: Jacques Gohory
Recipient: Reader
Type: Notice
Date: no date [1566/67]
Pages: 1
Language: Latin
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Editor: Edited by Julian Paulus
Jacques Gohory, Theophrasti Paracelsi philosophiae et medicinae utriusque universae compendium, Paris: Philippe Gaultier dit Rouillé no date [1567], p. 159 [BP089]
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[p. 159] Leo Svavivs I[oannes] G[ohory] P[arisiensis] lectori.

Allati sunt ad me nudiustertius, lector, libri nonnulli Th[eophrasti] Paracelsi quos vobis, vt in præfatione Compendii quem plurimos, visum est hîc quoque recensere.

Philosophiæ magnæ tractatus multi, videlicet.

De vera influentia rerum.
De inuentione artium.
De tempore laboris & requiei.
De vtraque fortuna.
De sanguine vltra mortem.
De lunaticis.
De genereatione stultorum.
De Nymphis, pygmæis, Salamandris.
De animalibus ex Sodomia natis.
Opus Astronomiæ mundi.
De Metheoris.   Liber 4. Paramyri.
De matrice.   Paragranum.

Item volumen aliud, continens plures tractatus.

De Physionomia.
De Therebintina.
De vtroque Helleboro.
De casu matricis.
De ligno Gaïaco.
Commentarii in aliquot Aphorismos Hippocratis.

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To the reader greetings from Leo Suavius, John Gohory of Paris.

A few days ago, reader, some books by Theophrastus Paracelsus were brought to me, which you have deemed necessary to also list here in the preface of the Compendium.

These include many treatises on philosophy, such as:

On the true influence of things
On the invention of the arts
On the time of work and rest
On both good and bad fortune
On blood beyond death
On lunatics
On the generation of fools
On nymphs, dwarfs, and salamanders
On animals born from Sodom
A work on the astronomy of the world
Four books on Paramyri
On the womb

Another volume containing several treatises

On physiognomy
On turpentine
On both types of hellebore
On the fall of the womb
On the wood of Gaïac
Commentaries on some of Hippocrates' aphorisms.